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  • Part #: AMM-20-1616

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Sub-Micro Valves Pneumadyne's Sub-Micro valves offer a higher flow rate than similar subminiature valves in the marketplace. An impressive flow rate of 2.9 scfm at 125 psi produces a Cv of .04. In addition to accommodating vacuum applications, the versatile design allows the 3-way valves to be plumbed as normally closed or normally open (see plumbing options). The unique design of the detented toggle offers roller ball-like actuation resulting in less wear and longer product life. Features:
Metal actuators enhance the robust design
Ideal for use with 1/16 Id polyurethane tubing
Plumbing versatility
Electroless nickel plated for corrosion and wear resistance
Nuts provided for panel mounting
Precision machined

Pneumadyne AMM-20-1616

Sub-Micro Valves. Pneumadyne's Sub-Micro valves offer a higher flow rate tha...

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