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Filters, Regulators, Lubricators

Compressed Air Systems are prone to impurities and dirt.  Removing dirt, pipe scale, moisture, rust, compressor oil and other contaminants will provide longer tool life and efficient operation.

Air Filters – Will remove foreign particles (up to 40 Micron) from the air stream and should be sized to handle the capacity of the compressor.

Oil Coalescing Filters – Should be installed downstream of the air filter to ensure the air is completely free of oil, water, and dirt.  Coalescing Filters feature a 0.01 Micron element which will remove 99.9% of water and oil droplets and solids larger than 0.3 Microns.

Air Line Regulators – If the system pressure is greater than recommended, excess force (torque and wear) can shorten the life of the downstream devices and waste compressed air.  Air Line Regulators provide steady outlet pressure regardless of variations and fluctuations, from the inlet pressure extending operation and life of the downstream equipment.

Lubricators – The Air Line Lubricator is an economical way to provide lubrication downstream.  The lubricator stores oil and adds a preset amount into the air stream which is delivered to the downstream tools and devices.

Combination Filter/Regulator – Space saving design which provides both the filter and regulator in a one-piece unit reducing installation costs.

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