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Twin Spiral

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This twin core urethane coiling tube is convenient for piping of double-acting drive systems. (Order prodution.)

  • Two-core Coiling Tube for General Pneumatic Piping
  • Fine Flexibility
  • Suitable Piping for Plural Actuators


Type test: Polyurethane Type, ULF
Fluid Admitted: Air
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 0~102 psi (0~0.7MPa)
Service Temperature Range: 5~140ºF (-15~60ºC)
Working Vacuum: -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)

Manufacturer: Pisco Model: ULF06-2F-10-BU-CB(10meters)
ULF06-2F-10-BU-CB ..
Ex Tax:$629.00
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: ULF06-2F-2.5-B-BU(2.5meters)
ULF06-2F-2.5-B-BU ..
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Manufacturer: Pisco Model: ULF06-2F-2.5B
The image is a rep..
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