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Antistatic (ESD)

The Antistatic Tube made of a destaticizing resin is suited for manufacture and assembly lines that must be protected against static electricity. (Surface resistance: 10e4~10e7 ohm)

  • Static dissipative Resin (Surface Resistivity : 104~107Ω)
  • Suitable for Electrostatic Discharging and Antistatic Applications
  • Marking on every 500mm to cut conveniently


Type test: Polyurethane Type, UE
Fluid Admitted: Air
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 0~102 psi (0~0.7MPa)
Service Temperature Range: 5~104ºF (-15~40ºC)
Working Vacuum: -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)

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