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Rotary actuators

Thin profile and high power are achieved by an oval cylinder. Rotary disk type takes advantage of its thinness and is optimal because of its compact design.

  • Flat back side is convenient for layout.
  • System can be controled by magnetic sensor(option).
  • Backlash can be avoided by adjustment of angle, air cushion, and rack pinion.



Type test HR200 HR400 HR600
Effective Torque 2.7 lbf.ft (2 N.m) 8.1 lbf.ft (6 N.m) 12.9 lbf.ft (9.5 N.m)
Fluid Admitted Air Air Air
Max. Radial Load 6.0 lbf (2.7 kgf) 10.1 lbf (4.6 kgf) 14.6 lbf (6.6 kgf)
Max. Thrust Load 6.0 lbf (2.7 kgf) 6.0 lbf (2.7 kgf) 12.8 lbf (5.8 kgf)
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC 43~116 psi (0.3~0.8MPa) 43~116 psi (0.3~0.8MPa) 43~116 psi (0.3~0.8MPa)
Service Temperature Range 41~140ºF (5~60ºC) 41~140ºF (5~60ºC) 41~140ºF (5~60ºC)
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