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Pressure Regulators

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The primary purpose of pressure regulators is to control pressure with close tolerances to ensure that compressed air in a pneumatic system is not wasted. Pressure regulating valves accomplish this by maintaining constant output pressure under various input pressures and output flows. Pressure regulators are used for various home, medical and industrial applications such as home furnaces, tanks for oxygen and anesthesia gases, and pneumatic automation systems.

Installing a pressure regulator that is too large for your system will increase air usage and waste energy. Therefore, properly sizing and setting your pressure regulator is crucial for efficient air consumption. Additional considerations for selecting a pressure regular for your pneumatic vale system include

  • Operating pressure for outlet and inlet
  • Maximum flow requirements for your pneumatic system
  • Requirement of additional pneumatic valve accessories
  • Material compatibility with the fluids or gases used in your application
  • Features such as port type and knob style

Pressure Regulator Functions and Features

Pressure regulators are manufactured for a range of fluid, gas and air applications. They are offered in numerous configurations, but all typically contain the same three functional elements: a valve that reduces or restricts pressure, a component that senses pressure and a control element that reduces or restricts pressure.

To meet the needs of your pneumatic application, Pneumadyne manufactures relieving pressure regulators, and miniature precision pressure regulators. A variety of porting options are also available for plumbing convenience.

  • Relieving Pressure Regulators are engineered to maintain a constant, preset downstream pressure.
  • Miniature Precision Pressure Regulators provide highly accurate pressure control in a compact package.

Pneumatic pressure regulators from Pneumadyne provide a range of features and benefits including:

  • Numerous sizes & styles available to meet your needs
  • Swivel ports for critical alignment
  • Anodized & plated for corrosion resistance
  • Direct gauge mount to output (11 Series)
  • Mounting versatility

Request a quote for your pressure regulators today or contact us for more information.

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