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2-Way Normally Closed Cartridge Valves

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Cartridge valves are ideal for use in applications where space is limited. Upon insertion in the valve cavity, the Cartridge Valve is connected to the air passages machined into a manifold or valve block, eliminating the need for external plumbing. The result is a compact valve package that saves space and provides fewer potential leak-points in the application.

To ensure the flow requirements are met, Pneumadyne manufactures two styles of Cartridge valves. Both styles are suitable for vacuum applciatons to 26" Hg and feature flow rates of 10 scfm adn 33 scfm at 125 psi.


Electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
Suitable for vacuum applcations to 26" Hg
Durable nylon and metal actuators
Cavity drawings available
Single stem design
Compact size

Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40835
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$17.63
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41473
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$18.09
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41739
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$15.70
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40649
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$18.43
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40836
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41474
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$20.02
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41740
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$19.90
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40650
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$19.34
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40837
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$21.27
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41475
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$21.73
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41741
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$19.34
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40838
2-Way Normally Clo..
Ex Tax:$23.10
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