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As an industry leader in productive development, Pisco's cutting-edge pneumatic equipment is second to none. As a result of their endless innovation and reliability, Pisco pneumatics products play an essential role in many FA machinery supporting production procedures.

To guarantee that clients around the world are completely satisfied with their service, Pisco established a worldwide network to support their customer base. Facilities are located in:

  • United States
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • And many other overseas operations

From the packaging to the automotive industry, Pisco pneumatics products can help optimize your equipment's performance so you'll be well on your way to improved efficiency and better results. If you're interested in knowing more about Pisco pneumatic equipment, contact us today.

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  • Pisco Quick-Fittings

    Pisco Quick-Fittings are available in many varieties, such as:

    • Standard type
    • Economy type
    • Mini-type
    • Stainless SUS304 type
    • Stainless SUS316 type
    • SUS303 Alike Type
    • PPS (chemical) type
    • PP type
    • Anti-spatter type
    • All brass type
    • Flow shut type / Stop fittings
    • Anti-static type
    • Color Cap type.

    Pisco fittings are available in many shapes and sizes so they can be used for a variety of different applications. Whether you're looking for fittings that suitably interact with chemicals and other corrosive environments or something customizable, DAS Services, Inc. can help you find the perfect solution. Shop all Pisco fitting types above!

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  • Couplings
    Pisco Couplings provide lightweight couplings that incorporate the quick-fitting mechanism in the body. The Pisco 20 series Coupling are lightweight and provide a flow rate of 1.08Cv.

    Another option is the Light Coupling 15 Series from Pisco which also incorporates a quick fitting and has a flow rate of .81Cv.

    The Pisco Coupling Module can be used not only to extend the coupling but also in combination with the Main Block. The number of blocks in the Coupling Module can be chosen for your application. The socket comes with a stop mechanism that stops air simultaneously with the removal of the plug.

    Contact DAS Services, Inc. for anything you might need regarding the Pisco Coupling series.
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  • Dryers
    Pisco Air Dryers are modular and have a unique membrane. Pisco Air Dryers do not require electricity to operate which in turn will keep overall costs low.

    The two main options from Pisco are the Fiber Dry series which are Membrane type dryers providing 4 different flow rates of 1.41 SCFM, 3.52 SCFM, 10.6 SCFM and 17.6 SCFM. This hollow fiber film type air drier does not require electric power. Simply connect the piping like a filter, then the Fiber Dry will perform better than a freeze-drier to provide dried air.
    The second option from Pisco are their Dryer Units providing a Combination of 1/4" & 3/8" pipe thread Filter, Mist Filter, Micromist Filter, Fiber Dry and/or Regulator. Both Model Code 301 and 500 offer a wide range of filters, micro mist filters and regulators to choose from.

    If you have any questions or there is anything we can help you with please contact us via Chat, Phone or Email.

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  • Fittings for Molding Die
    Pisco Fittings for Molding Die are fittings suitable for controlling temperature of die for plastic injection molding environments.

    Pisco's main series is the Die Temperature Control Series which is designed for heat control of plastic injection molding die and can be used in a variety of environments such as thermal oil, clean water, or air.

    Pisco also has their Long Type Quick Fitting for heat control of molding die. This type of tube fitting comes in eight lengths to suit your applications. The tube fitting, provided with a hexagonal hole, can be easily installed using an Allen wrench, even in a narrow or limited space....
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  • Fittings for Special Applications
    Pisco Fittings for Special Applications include:

    -Minimal Barb type: for very small, barbed joints/ pneumatic piping. -Stainless SUS316 compression fitting

    -Brass compression fittings for auto industry and thermal control for mold tooling

    -Main block / Air manifold

    -Twist-proof joint (swivel type)

    -Rotary joint with quick fitting

    -High rotary joint with upto 1500 rpm

    -Multi-circuit rotary block

    -2Circuit Junction Block for serving tow lines -Connectors with mutiple tubes

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  • Flow controllers - Speed controllers and Needle valves
    Pisco Flow controllers - Speed controllers and Needle valves includes the following:

    -2 Stage Speed Controller with Built-in Shock Absorber Function

    -Speed controller: quick fitting with one directional restricted air flow

    -Speed controller economy type: quick fitting, affordable type -Speed controller PP type: with PP resin

    -Speed controller SUS305 Like: for corrosive type environments - -Fixed orifice speed controller: tamper proof

    -Speed Controller Brass Type: suitable for high heat and spatters environment

    -Speed Controller Spatter: with fire resistant resin and needle and joint sections covered

    -Needle (Throttle) valve: with regulated bi-directional air flow

    -Needle (Throttle) exhaust valve: with silencer and use on solenoid valve

    -Needle (Throttle) valve PP type: quick fitting

    -Needle (Throttle) valve SUS316 type: with fluorine O-ring

    -Throttle (needle) Valve Brass Type for high heat

    -Fixed orifice Joint

    -Quick exhaust valve...
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  • Grippers / Actuators
    Pisco Grippers / Actuators include:

    -Closing gripper CHM:lightweight stainless steel air finger models

    -Blank fingers for CHM closing type:Finger material SF20T Stainless steel

    -Opening gripper CHM:floating type work stopper for stable gripping

    -Lever gripper HC: lightweight plastic type, oval cylinder, optional proximity sensor

    -Parallel gripper HP: available in three sizes, durable, spacesaver and lightweight

    -Rotary actuators: thin, high power, flat back side. Magnetic sensor optional.

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  • Pressure and Vacuum Sensors / Switches
    Pisco Pressure and Vacuum Sensors / Switches include the following types:

    -Large digital pressure switch/sensor 31-Series with seven pressure variations

    -Solid state small pressure/vacuum sensors 11-series with option of union, Plug-in or Screw-in type body and remote controller with LED display.

    -Solid state Large LED display pressure/vacuum sensors with 8 types of sensor output modes, NPN output and selectable pressure units

    -Solid state LED vacuum sensors with upto two setting point switch and NPN/PNP output

    -Mechanical vacum switch VUSM with mechanical diaphragm/ electric micro-switch and selectable circuit

    - 8mm width LED Digital Pressure Sensor: thin pressure sensor, lightweight, LED display, push switch and three mounting options

    -Flow Sensor with built-in needle valve for flow adjustments, easy plumbing and minimized installation space....
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  • Pressure Gauges
    Pisco Pressure Gauges are compact-size pressure gauges that can easily be set up in small spaces. With the built-in tube fitting type, you only have to connect the tube to get pressure indication.

    Miniature 9/16" diameter gauge. Pressure gauges equipped with quick-fitting have an accuracy of +/- 5% of full span. Taper-threaded 40mm diameter gauge also available....
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  • Regulators and Filters
    Pisco makes small sized pressure regulators equipped with quick-fittings and with a miniature pressure gauge. Regular size filters, filter-regulators are also available. These include:

    -Pressure controller

    -Filter & Filter/regulators with 1/4" & 3/8" pipe thread

    -Filter regulators combination unit

    -Positive-Negative Pressure Union Filter

    -Hollow Fiber Membrane Filter suitable for semiconductor, measuring instruments, printing and medical equipment.

    -Small Vacuum Regulators for controlling primary pressure of small-sized vacuum pumps....
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  • Silencer / Muffler
    Pisco Quick fitting type or thread type resin silencer when connected to the exhaust port of a device, suppresses the exhaust noise.

    There are three types of Pisco silencers available for your selection. The quick-fitting type is also available for port size up to 1/2" female pipe thread....
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  • Tubings
    Pisco offers a wide selection of plastic tubings to choose from. These include Polyurethane type, nylon type, Fluororesin (PFA) type, Polyamide type, Multi-core type, Anti-spatter type, Antistatic type, Clean Room Package Tubing, Fluororesin (FEP) Type, Polyolefin Tubing, spiral type and twin spiral type, Tube binders, Vacuum Tubing, Insert Ring and Tube Reel....
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  • Vacuum Filters
    Pisco Vacuum Filters removes the dust and waterdrops sucked in by the Vacuum Generator using the element and cyclone effect. Let DAS Services Inc. help you choose the best vacuum filter for your needs. Call us today for more details....
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  • Vacuum Generators / Vacuum Pads
    Pisco Vacuum Generators / Vacuum Pads come in simple or multi-functional venturi type vacuum generators in various shapes and characteristics. These include the Vacuum generators - VU - union type, Vacuum generators - VH / VS- solenoid valve, threaded port, Vacuum generators - VB box shaped, Vacuum generators - VC / VM which is directly mountable.

    This series also includes the Vacuum generators - VRL conveyor type generator, Vacuum generators - VK series which is multifunctional type, Vacuum generators - VG series basic stand alone type, Vacuum generators - VX series in 10mm width, Vacuum generators - VQ series, Vacuum generators - VZ series,Vacuum generators - VJ series, Vacuum generators - VY series, Vacuum Generator VN and External Vacuum Controller VNP, Air pincettes (Vacuum tweezers), Vacuum pad standard type, oval type, bellows type, Vacuum pad multi-bellows type , Vacuum pad skid proof type, Vacuum pad long stroke type , Vacuum pad soft type etc....
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  • Valves
    Pisco manifold type or individual type solenoid valves are available in different styles.The range of valves include:

    -Solenoid Valves SVA and SVR Series : compact series

    -Solenoid valve SVB series 5/2, 3/2 spool type directional control solenoid valves

    -Mechanical valves are manually operated

    -Check valves for unidirectional air flow

    -Hand (Shut-off) valves

    -Ball valves with quick fitting and three sizes

    -Direction change valve with three ports...
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