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Swivel Joint

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This holder is suited for cases when the part is not placed perpendicularly toward the pad or when the angular relationship between the pad and parts varies.

  • Suitable for sucking work-pieces with non-vertical position or with unfixed angle
  • Standard: 30 degree angle
  • Order production: 15 degree angle


Type test: FH
Fluid Admitted: Vacuum
Free Angle: 15 or 30 degree
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 0~-29 in.Hg (0~-100 kPa)

Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p27175
FHFree Holder Free..
Ex Tax:$27.20
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p27176
FHFree Holder Free..
Ex Tax:$28.90
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p27177
FHFree Holder Free..
Ex Tax:$34.00
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