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Electronic Pressure Sensors
Convum provides a full line of Digital Pressure Sensors with a variety of displays, sizes and options to choose from. Just a few of the highlights of this line from Convum are:

The popular MPS-34 Series with 2 color displays and 4 pattern settings, a wide pressure range from -.01 to 1.0MPa and easy button settings on the face of the display. This series also comes with a Standard Switch output (open collector) Analog output (1 - 5V)

The Slim-type Pressure Sensor MPS-9 Series offering space savings, easy settings and a high speed response time.

The MPS-33 Series Digital Display Vacuum Sensor with a wide pressure range, easy to use settings on the face of the unit and a standard switch output.

And finally the always reliable MPS-4 Series Digital Differential Pressure Sensor. This series comes with a Micro-differential sensor which can detect plus or minus 0.5% F.S., Easy Settings and Quick Response times of 2ms.

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