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Pressure Gauges
Miljoco makes a range of pressure, compound and vacuum gauges for use in many commercial, industrial or HVACR applications. Miljoco pressure gauges are available in dial sizes from 1 and half" to 4 and half", with brass or stainless steel internals, and with stem or panel mounted connections. Casing is made up to polypropylene, stainless steel and steel.

Miljoco also makes liquid-filled gauges for applications subject to vibration, and also a whole range of accessories for gauge installation and protection.

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  • Commercial Pressure Gauges
    Miljoco pressure gauges are designed so that they fit well in many commercial heating applications. The Miljoco pressure gauge is made of a durable steel case and rugged brass internal components. Options are available in rear or bottom outlet with a range of connection styles. Custom temperature or pressure ranges are also available to meet specific application requirements.

    When choosing a Miljoco commercial pressure gauge, care should be taken to check the measuring range, process fluid compatibility, process fluid temperature, ambient conditions, installation requirements and accuracy requirements....
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  • Industrial Pressure Gauges
    Miljoco industrial pressure gauges are designed to provide maximum value where a more accurate gauge is required. Also, and the media being measured should be compatible to brass and bronze components. Miljoco industrial pressure gauges features the versatility of a removable flange to suit virtually any installation, as well as the rugged reliability of a stainless rotary type movement to increased service life.

    Miljoco industrial pressure gauge cases are equipped with a rubber safety blowout disc in the rear, to help protect the operator in the event of gauge failure due to overpressure. The instrument is suited for service on air, water, glycol solutions, and gas.

    Industrial gauges are calibrated to 1% full scale accuracy and is suitable for many industrial processing applications....
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  • Specialty Pressure Gauges
    The Miljoco speciality gauges are dual indicator pressure/temperature gauges which are also referred to as 'tridicators'. These speciality gauges add the features of both pressure and temperature in a single unit of instrument. These gauges find their use in boilers and other hot water applications where space limitations and installation costs are a challenge.

    These instruments contain both a bourdon tube assembly to indicate pressure, and a bimetal coil assembly to indicate temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

    Other varieties of Miljoco speciality gauges include the low pressure gauges, low pressure diaphragm for vacuum applications, panel mount gauges, surface mount gauges, Xmas tree gauge, ammonia gauges, water and air test gauges, maximum indicator gauges, receiver gauges, altitude gauges, spiral tube pressure gauges and fire extinguisher gauges....
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