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5/32 Push-in Input Port, 3-Way, Normally Closed Valves

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Three styles of 3-way valves are offered with 5/32 push-in input ports to ease tubing and valve installation.

Pneumadyne's highly reliable "0" Series valve, part number H0-30-7, features a swivel input port to accommodate alignment requirements.

The "3" Series, part number H3-30-7, also features a swivel input port as well as a 10-32 (F) exhaust port for the capture and removal of exhaust flow.

Pneumadyne's "11" Series valves, part numbers start with H11, have a swivel output port for plumbing convenience. Push-in connections in the output port are also available to speed tubing installation.


Anodized for corrosion & wear resistance
Compact size for limited space applications
Push-in ports speed tubing connection
Durable nylon toggles
Nuts and lock washer provided

Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41726
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$20.89
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41727
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$32.09
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41728
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$34.40
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41729
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$34.85
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41730
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Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41465
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$35.32
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41466
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$37.74
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p41467
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$38.21
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40826
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$21.36
Brand: Pneumadyne Model: p40827
5/32 Push-in Input..
Ex Tax:$37.51
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