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Digital Thermometers

Miljoco Digital Thermometers are of two types - Solar and LED. 

Solar Digital Thermometers: Miljoco solar-powered thermometers are designed to operate in varying light conditions. The temperature display will indicate using only solar power in light levels greater than 100 lux, but will continue to function below 100 lux with its battery backup system. This system is designed to last 3 to 4 years under normal conditions, after which the display will continue to function above 100 lux. These instruments are ideal for applications such as refrigeration equipment, chilled systems, NSF® listed equipment, spas and control panels. They will display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius scale, which may be switched from the rear of the case. Sensing leads may be furnished

up to 10 feet long.

LED Digital Thermometers: The Miljoco LED digital thermometers feature an extra large, brightly-lit display that is easily readable from long distances. These thermometers are ideal for multiple module installations in control packages or special engineering projects, and is the most popular style used in the food service equipment industry. These work well in both hot food and refrigeration applications and will operate on 12 VAC or 12 VDC. Other voltages are available.

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