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Slot-head Flow Controller (Tamper-proof)

It prevents unnecessary manual adjustments during the operations - Design without an external needle for speed adjustment. Use a slot screwdriver to adjust the needle. Approx. 2/3 height of the conventional speed controller, Suitable for a small space. 2 types are available. 360°rotatable resin body (Elbow type). 360°rotatable resin body and push-in fitting part (Free type). Free direction for piping.


Type test: Slot-Head Speed Controller JSD
Check Valve Opening Pressure: 7.25psi (0.05MPa)
Fluid Type: Air
Operating Pressure Range: 14.5~130 psi (0.1~0.9MPa)
Operating Temperature Range: 32~140ºF (0~60ºC)
Type: Elbow, Free

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