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Special Nippers
Vessel Special Nippers feature the GT-NH heated nipper set and custom heated nippers with temperature control and speed control valves. The Special nippers are suitable for cutting and degating acrylics and brittle plastics where traditional degating tools tend to fail.

Features a comfortable rubber grip, heat insulated body and safety lever/ cut off valve. Can withstand maximum temperature of 392 degree Fahrenheit.
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  • GT-H Series Scissor Cutters
    Vessel GT-H Series Scissor Cutters are available in both hand-held and round models.


    Weight: Upto 340gm

    Length: Upto 211mm

    Diameter: 36mm

    Blade opening: 15mm...
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  • GT-NKH Series
    Vessel GT-NKH series of special nippers are used for cutting fan gates. They are custom built to the requirements of your application. Options include different bore sizes, blade sizes and a heat package. The heat package provides a better cutting finish, the ability to cut larger gates, cuts brittle materials without cracking, and provides a longer blade life.

    GT-NKH series allow blade opening to be adjusted. Since this is thrust type cutting, it is most suitable for cutting of film gate. Blade is teflon coated allowing easy removal of works....
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  • Heated Nipper Sets
    Vessel Heated Nipper Sets feature a controllable heater. Its temperature can be adjusted digitally, allows quick heat up and speed control valve to adjust cutting speed for non-crack cutting.

    Vessel Heated Nipper Sets have installed sensor to maintain blades as a controlled temperature for optimal cutting....
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  • TC Series Thrust Cut Nippers
    Vessel TC Series Thrust Cut Nippers are intended for high volume production. These feature an optional heat package. The TC-63 series nippers are capable of cutting fan gates upto 3 inches wide, while the TC-40 can cut fan gates as wide as 1-1/2 inch.

    Standard Features:

    ♦ High speed steel blades (TC-63)

    ♦ Alloy steel blades (TC-40)

    ♦ Double acting cylinders

    ♦ Teflon coated blades

    Optional Features:

    ♦ High speed steel blades for the TC-40

    ♦ Tandem 40mm double acting cylinder for the TC-40

    ♦ Heated blades for both TC-40 and TC-63...
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