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DAS Services, Inc. is a leading provider of small factory automation and robotic components to many of today's largest and most successful corporations. But that has not eliminated our primary goal, which is to provide exceptional service and support for automation challenges to even the smallest corporations. Whether it is our biggest or our smallest customer, DAS Services, Inc. strives to provide cost effective, timely solutions for the challenges our customers face. We are proud to offer an extremely wide selection of products to companies with all needs ranging from pneumatic equipment and components to optical sensors and tube fittings.

DAS Services, Inc. opened for business in May of 1987 (Prior to incorporation we were called Design Automated Systems). The owner, Lou Pavlovich, had some thirty plus years experience in the Factory Automation field. The original name Design Automated Systems was chosen to illustrate the companies strengths- the selection and provision of the proper pneumatic equipment and pneumatic components to meet the automation needs of each individual customer. To explain briefly, you do not successfully market these components without understanding and getting personally involved with your customer's applications and providing simple, cost-effective solutions to their application needs. This is now and will be in the future the secret to success for DAS Services, Inc. We welcome the opportunity to provide this service to you and your company.

Ever since it opened its doors for business, DAS Services, Inc. has grown rapidly, quickly filling up the garage it was started in back in the 80's. This growth was primarily in the Southern California and Southern Idaho areas, but our customers can be found throughout the United States. Business grew steadily over the next ten years as customers became accustomed to the reliability DAS provided. Providing new ideas, futuristic designs, and customer support became DAS Services, Inc. most notable qualities, especially for a smaller firm. In 1999 Louis Pavlovich opted to join the company. Among several responsibilities, Louis' primary goal is to get in the field and do what DAS Services, Inc. does best i.e. getting involved with you the customer and providing cost-effective solutions to your Automation Requirements.

DAS Services, Inc. is no longer in a garage, we are now in a much larger facility in Southern California. Our emphasis is now on growth, and only you the customer can benefit by this.

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