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Miljoco thermometers are made with the highest standards for a wide range of uses and may be set into almost any temperature reading application. These thermometers are suitable for obtaining readings from remote locations. Miljoco thermometers are not subject to any ambient temperature variations and give excellent readings both above and below ambient.

Vapor instruments have progressive graduations and are best read in the upper two-thirds of the range. Many ranges are available between -40 degree F and 450 degree F.

There are various types of thermometers available with Miljoco. Call DAS Services Inc. to find out more about the thermometer that suits your need.
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  • Bimetal Thermometers
    Miljoco Bimetal Thermometers are readily available in brass, 304 stainless, or 316 stainless steel construction to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Miljoco Bimetal Thermometers are designed to withstand vibration and other rugged abuse. The hermetically-sealed, stainless steel case prevents moisture from entering into the instrument and fogging the lens, and thereby helps the operator to obtain clear, accurate readings.

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  • Industrial Thermometers
    Miljoco Industrial Thermometers are of the following types:

    7" & 9" Adjustable Angle - Spirit Fill

    -Miljoco liquid-in-glass thermometers are designed for commercial construction & industrial applications such as piping & air ducts. They are made with die cast aluminum case construction for rugged durability. The non-toxic, organic spirit-filled tube provides an accurate and quick response while maintaining environmental safety.

    -Solar Digital thermometers:

    Are the next generation in industrial thermometers. Hi-contrast display is easily read from greater distances. Bi-directional solar panel design allows the unit to collect light from multiple planes and providing reliable service in even the most dimly lit installations. Call DAS Services Inc. for more details on Miljoco Industrial Thermometers....
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