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With over 80 years of manufacturing experience in Japan, VESSEL used their technological expertise to design ergonomic hand-fitting tools for optimum comfort. VESSEL's philosophy is that if a tool is designed to feel comfortable in the operators' hands, it allows the user to be more productive demonstrating their maximum ability. Overall, VESSEL has committed to produce the finest tools for your hands from a human engineering point of view.

Effective, secure fastening of screws is indispensable in improved work efficiency and increased reliability in mass production assembly factories. Good bits play a vital role in improved product quality and cost reduction. They offer a wide range of high quality industrial bits with the quickest possible delivery. The accurately machined tip configuration of VESSEL bits will match any screw heads perfectly like a glove. They will help prevent cam out or stripping of the screw heads.

VESSEL's materials and heat treatment methods are carefully selected for the greatest durability. They offer a wide selection of products and outstanding Customer Service to help you select and use the appropriate VESSEL bits. They assure reliability with their computer-assisted product control. VESSEL bits can be an integral part of your fastening application system.

VESSEL knows that the quality of their bits first depends of the correct selection of materials. For this reason, they have developed a variety of bit materials to meet diverse needs. VESSEL integrates elements such as Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Nickel, Chrome, Molybdenum and Vanadium into their steels. This draws forth the bits' inherent characteristics due to VESSEL's long experience with heat treatment processes. Therefore, the tips of their highly durable bits are wear and shock resistant, as well as functionally well designed.

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