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New 2-Circuit Junction Block

This add-on type concentrated branching joint serves two lines the same time.

  • The Block can be added freely. Fit-in type connection is applied.
  • The air outlet direction can be changed freely. 107 series: free air outlet direction; 106 series: fixed air outlet direction
  • Any number of Blocks can be added. Best suitable when used with cylinders.
  • The manifold can be used for circulating cooling water of about 40 degrees Centigrade. Make sure to use PISCO Insert-ring for use with a liquid.
  • The release-ring is able to have a different color for each line.


Fluid Admitted: Air, Water
Remarks: When using water, limit the level of surge pressure to the maximum operating pressure or less. Please consult Pisco when using water other than tap water. Please use appropriate insert ring.
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 130 psi (0.9MPa)
Service Temperature Range: 32~140ºF (0~60ºC)
Working Vacuum: -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)


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