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Finishing Tools
Vessel Finishing tools are available in multitude of options. These include:

1. Thermocutters and replacement blades- Feature electrically heated blades for cutting most thermo-plastic surfaces. Comes with optional robotic arm for batch function, adjustable temperature and spring type on-off switch for added safety.

2. Micro grinders- Features highly durable, light weight, with anodized body and low heat/ low noise output. These micro grinders perform quality grinding even at high RPM's.

3. Deburring tools and replacement blades- made from solid aluminum, anodized body, these deburring tools are light-weight and feature interchangeable handles.

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  • Deburring Tool Replacement Blades
    Vessel Deburring Tool Replacement Blades are made from high end steel for sustaining pressure and rough use. Options include straight, triangular and rotating blades among others....
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  • Deburring Tools
    Vessel Deburring Tools feature easy and firm grip handles made from top quality, solid aluminum with a red anodize finish and individually labeled for identification. Steel chucks and collets allow for interchangeability between large and small handles. Superior all-around quality makes this the finest deburring tool line. Designed for precision, control and superior performance....
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  • Micro Grinders
    Vessel Micro Grinders features superior durability and grinding performance. Lightweight and compact, this is a grinder with a wide range of uses.

    ♦ Superior durability, with minimized heat buildup

    ♦ Low-noise with an attached exhaust hose

    ♦ Lightweight and compact, table performance can be maintained over long periods of time

    ♦ Performs light and smooth grinding with high RPMs

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  • Thermocutter Blades
    Vessel Thermocutter Blades with a wide range of options, designs, sizes and cutting edge length to choose from. High temperature blade with stable cutting....
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  • Thermocutters
    Vessel Thermocutters features electrically heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics effortlessly. Achieves operating temperature instantly through in-handle transformer, which steps down voltage to a safe operational level. Input voltage 115 VAC @ 120 Watts. Its slim compact handle makes it useful for cutting in areas with limited access.

    The spring-loaded on-off switch prevents operators from leaving it in the on position when not in use. Blades for various operations are easily changed by loosening two thumb screws....
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