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2 Bellows Vacuum Cups (PJ Series)
Convum 2 Bellows Vacuum cups are for curved, corrugated, lightly textured surfaces and flexible products. The bellow style adds level compensation for applications that have inconsistent stack heights or uneven surfaces. Because of its shape however the bellows suction cup is not suitable for applications involving lifting vertical surfaces.

This PJ Series Vacuum Cups from Convum come in a huge selection of sizes and materials. Standard sizes range from 4mm to 80mm. Please contact us for information on custom sizes.

The PJ Series Vacuum Cups also are available with a huge selection of fittings. Here are the main options:
  ●  The PSS Series is the Simple pad with a spring fitting.
  ●  NAPJTH, YH is a PJ Series Vacuum Cup with spring fitting, non-rotative.
  ●  PJTK, PJYK series are the PJ Series Cups with a Locking Fitting.
  ●  NAPJTS, NAPJYS is a PJ Series Cup with a Standard Spring Fitting.

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