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27 Oct Pisco One Way Flow Control Valve with Indicator
admin 22 1972
New product from Pisco. The one way flow control valve with Indicator and Push-lock Knob is extremely compact reducing the risk of initial settings and making maintenance and replacements easier. Features at a glance:Indicator shows every 1/2 turnThe flow rate is recognized by the indicator. Turns open is on the side and top Linear flow characteris..
16 Jul Convum Robot Hand for Collaborative Robot, Sanitary and Food Industry
admin 83 1838
As a pioneer of vacuum equipment, Myotoku(CONVUM) has made all the necessary assembly robot hand parts to reduces the work of complicated robot hand design for each workpiece. It also reduces the man-hours for robot user and system integrator to design the hand. CRK-LightLight typeRobot hand for collaborative robot.Safety requirements for collabora..
16 Jul Convum Robot Hand for Small and Medium Size Robot
admin 4 1711
As a pioneer of vacuum equipment, Myotoku(CONVUM) has made all the necessary assembly robot hand parts such as the suction cup, flange, adapter, guide base and arm. It reduces the work of complicated robot hand design for each workpiece and also reduces the man-hours for robot user and system integrator to design the hand. Features at a glance:No n..
11 Jul Convum STAR Shaped Suction Cup - PM Series
admin 13 1670
Features at a glance:Star-shaped Suction Cup for pouch filmFlexible lip to follow soft workpiece and bag shaped workpieceLineup: 24(equivalent to f20), 40(equivalent to f34), 56(equivalent to f48)FDA-compatible Food Sanitation MaterialMaterial: SiliconeBuilt-in filter to avoid dust can be selectedHigh durability and flexible shape ..
11 Jul Convum e-HAND - SGE series
admin 1 1933
Features at a glance:No compressed air is necessary with built in vacuum pumpEnergy saving - Power consumption 4 wattApplicable for collaborative robotsCompact and light weight ..
11 Jul Convum Balloon Hand - SGB Series
admin 195 1785
Features at a glance:New structure hand (BALLOON HAND) to pick up workpiece which could not be grabbed beforeSuitable for handling wide range of workpiece shapes and sizes by one handEasy operation with built-in Convum (Vacuum ejector) by supplying compressed airCompressed air generating vacuum through Convum is exhausted in Balloon Hand and inflat..
11 Jul Pisco Push-Lock Pressure Regulator with Gauge Option
admin 1 1267
The push-lock pressure reducing valve secures the set pressure against vibrations. Features at a glance:Pressure reducing valve with push-lock knobSuitable for installation on a manifold block or the in-line type is placeable side by sidePushing to lock style makes it easier to set and adjustOnce set, the set pressure will not change due to vibrati..
11 Jul Pisco Food Grade Bellows Cups
admin 11 1687
Bellows type suction cups are now available in food grade silicone rubber. Features at a glance:FDA compliant food grade soft silicone rubberSoft (shore A 20) and medium soft (shore A 40) firmness offered to handle various kinds of food packages4.5 bellows and 1.5 bellowsDifferent cup diameter sizes available Color: Pink or Blue ..
11 Jul Pisco Vacuum Grippers - End of Arm Tooling for Large Objects
admin 2 1956
Three types of vacuum grippers integrated with high flow vacuum generators are offered for lifting large, heavy, different sized, objects, porous materials and objects with irregular and rough surfaces such as sacks, garden tiles, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped bottles, etc.Features at a glance:End-of-arm tooling for large objectsGrips irregular a..
11 Jul Pisco Check Valves with Back Flow Prevention
admin 1 1148
Pisco offers a variety of check valves with threaded and push-in connect ports, either in imperial or metric for your application. Features at a glance:Push-in connect port sizes available from 5/32” to 1/2” O.D. or 4mm to 12mm O.D.Threaded port sizes are available in 10-32UNF, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 NPT, or M5, M6, R1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2.Threaded p..
08 Jul Pisco Bellows Vacuum Cups for Packaging Bags
admin 1 1851
The one-piece bellows vacuum pad is made with a soft lip and a firm multi-bellows body. This allows a stable grip, lifting and height compensation. They are ideal for handling vinyl packaging bags and pouches.Features at a glance:Two selections for pad hardness & folded bellows and three selections for pad size.2 types of vacuum pad lip hardness - ..
10 Jun Vessel Air Nippers For Your Home Workshop
admin 0 1753
The field of home equipment has undergone a revolution in the past decade, and equipment that was previously considered the sole province of large industrial institutions have now been made available to the general public for use at home. Many people who have their own home workshops where they carry out do-it-yourself projects have come to greatly..
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