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Flat Vacuum Cups (PF Series)
Convum Flat Vacuum Cups (PF Series) are standard flat type pads suitable for work with flat surfaces like steel sheets, boards, etc. The Convum flat vacuum cups come in three variants; The Standard type vacuum cups and the type with Oily Grooves are applicable for work pieces with even surfaces. The Swing type flat vacuum cup is applicable for work pieces whose surfaces are not flat.

The PF Series Flat Vacuum Cups from Convum are an industry leader used worldwide by companies that need class leading longevity, superior tear strength, uniform dimensions and versatility. The entire PF Series is available in a huge range of sizes and materials to suite any application.

The Standard sizes currently available and in stock:  1.5mm,2,2x4,2.2x4.2,3.5,3.5x7,5,6,8,10,15,20,25,29,35,40,50,60,80,93,120,150,200

If you need custom Vacuum Cups we can help. From big projects to small we can have a vacuum cup made in any size, configuration and material. Contact us for more information.

The PF Series Flat Vacuum Cups are available individually or paired with various fittings. Here are the fittings options for the PF Series:
  ●  NAPFTH, NAPFYH- Standard PF Series Vacuum Cup with a non-rotative spring fitting.
  ●  PFTK, PFYK- Vacuum Cup with a locking fitting.
  ●  NAPFTS, NAPFYS- PF Series Cup with a spring fitting.


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