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Vacuum Pad Sponge Type

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Best suitable for work like an external wall material of building, small stone and seashell.

- Existing cup holder (A,B,C,D type) are downsized and realized space saving. Optional Free Holder and cup direct mounting filter can be selected with the holder.

- The cup holder required for application of "No copper alloy" and "Low-level ozone resistance" is available. Non copper alloy is used for metal parts and HNBR is used for seal materials.


Brand: Pisco Model: p24375
PAD DIA: 100mmVP S..
Ex Tax:$38.63
Brand: Pisco Model: p24379
PAD DIA: 100mmVP S..
Ex Tax:$94.27
Brand: Pisco Model: p24367
PAD DIA: 10mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$7.34
Brand: Pisco Model: p24368
PAD DIA: 15mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$7.73
Brand: Pisco Model: p24369
PAD DIA: 20mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$9.66
Brand: Pisco Model: p24370
PAD DIA: 25mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$10.43
Brand: Pisco Model: p24371
PAD DIA: 30mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$11.59
Brand: Pisco Model: p24372
PAD DIA: 35mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$13.91
Brand: Pisco Model: p24376
PAD DIA: 35mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$33.23
Brand: Pisco Model: p24373
PAD DIA: 50mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$17.00
Brand: Pisco Model: p24377
PAD DIA: 50mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$35.55
Brand: Pisco Model: p24374
PAD DIA: 70mmVP SP..
Ex Tax:$29.37
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