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Vacuum Release Unit

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This unit adjusts the vacuum release air retaining vacuum generators' vacuum characteristics as they are.

  • Add-on Blow off Controller is for vacuum generators with vacuum blow-off function and controls blow-off air while maintaining characteristics of vacuum generators.
  • Newly added pressure control function prevents work-pieces from being blown off
  • Rotatable body and fitting make it easy to connect or disconnect tube in any direction


Fluid Medium: Air
Operating Pressure Range: 0~102psi (0~0.7MPa)
Operating Temperature Range: 32~140°F / 0~60°C (no freezing)
Relief valve activation pressure setting range: -2.2~2.2psi (-0.015~0.015MPa)
Working Vacuum: 0`-29.5in.Hg (0~-101kPa)

Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p34803
PORT1: 4mmPORT2: R..
Ex Tax:$26.27
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p34804
PORT1: 4mmPORT2: 4..
Ex Tax:$29.75
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p34805
PORT1: 6mmPORT2: R..
Ex Tax:$26.27
Manufacturer: Pisco Model: p34806
PORT1: 6mmPORT2: 6..
Ex Tax:$29.75
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