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10-32 (F) Input Port, 3-Way Valves, Normally Closed

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Pneumadyne manufactured five configurations of 3-way valves with 10-32 (F) input ports to accommodate your application's plumbing requirements. These valves have non-threaded exhaust port and 10-32 (F) output port.

The highly reliable "0" Series valves, part numbers A0-30-2 & A0-30-3, feature 10-32 (F) elbow and tee style swivel input ports for plumbing convenience.

Swivel elbow and tee configurations are also featured on the input port of the "3" Series, part numbers A0-30-2 & A0-30-3. These fully ported valves have 10-32 (F) output and exhaust ports making it possible to direct and capture the exhaust flow in liquid, cleanroom or lubricated air applications.

Three styles of "300" Series valves are available to fit plumbing requirements. The Standard valves, part numbers C030105 & C030125, feature 10-32 (F) input and output ports as well as a non-threaded exhaust. Our Fully Ported valves, part numbers C030505 & C030525, have a threaded exhaust port for the capture and removal of exhaust flow. Rear Ported valves, part numbers C030905 & C030925, offer a streamlined profile with side-by-side porting for use in space constrained applications.


Black anodized and electroless nickel plated
Durable nylon and metal push button actuators
Numerous porting configurations
Miniature size for limited space applications
Locknuts and washer provided

Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41753
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$22.69
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41754
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$26.74
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41755
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$29.56
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41756
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$29.87
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p40843
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$18.22
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41513
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$19.33
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41757
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$16.01
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p40655
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$19.33
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41630
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$24.56
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p40844
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$20.42
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41514
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$21.13
Manufacturer: Pneumadyne Model: p41758
10-32 F Input Port..
Ex Tax:$21.66
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