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Stationary Nippers
Vessel Stationary Nippers are most suited for End of arm tooling and robotic mounting. They feature the following categories:

1. GT-NF series: Lightweight, compact, without sliding motion and holes on three surfaces

2. GT-NR series: Vertically mountable, round body nippers with rotating endcap to allow change of position of air inlet port.

3. GT-NS series: Has two air inlet ports and mounting holes on five sides with rotating endcap and range of 9 sizes to choose from.

4. GT-N series: Hand help air nipper with comfortable rubber grip, knurled housing and eight sizes to choose from.

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  • GT-HW Series
    Vessel stationary nippers GT-HW series, Double Action Air Scissors for automated equipments with high production rates. These nippers require minimum maintenance and are suited for longer production cycles.

    Blade opening : 3mm

    Cutting blade effective Length:17mm A:25mm Weight:16g

    Blade opening:5mm

    Cutting blade effective length:28mm A:40mm

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  • GT-N Series
    Vessel stationary nippers GT-N series are Hand Held Air Nippers with Safety Lever to reduce fatigue and repetitive motion problems. They feature knurled housing for a secure and comfortable grip. Vessel offers GT-N swries in eight sizes to chose from for comfort and convenience and hundreds of blades to choose from for cutting, crimping and custom applications.

    By changing various types of blades, Vessel stationary nippers GT-N series can be used for a range of applications, such as cutting, trimming, crimping, punching, bending etc.

    N20, N30 and N50 have an air cock for safety.

    CE-compliant safety lever types are available....
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  • GT-NF Series
    Vessel NF series Nippers do not have the sliding motion. These Nippers are lightweight, compact and have mounting holes on three surfaces. Their double action removes the need for blade return spring and double action makes them a good choice for end of arm tooling.

    Call DAS Services Inc. for more details on Vessel GT-NF series nippers....
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  • GT-NR Series
    Vessel stationary nippers GT-NR series feature a round-shaped body that makes it possible to finely adjust the installation angle.

    It is ideal for cutting the sprue gate after mounted on the take-out arm or the holder on the chucking plate.

    The end part of the nipper body is 180-degree rotatable so that the position of the two air intake ports can be changed depending on the mounting place.

    These Round Body Mountable Air Nippers are versatle and adjustable when fixtured with mounting clamps and brackets.

    ♦ Rotating endcap can change the orientation of the air inlet port.

    ♦ Mounting holes provided for vertical mounting....
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  • GT-NS Series
    VESSEL GT-NS Series feature Square Air Nippers. The screw holes are provided on five surfaces; therefore, mounting to the machine is easy.

    With cutting of plastic moldings, the wire cutting with winding machine, etc. and other working in wide range using special blade can be taken.

    The end part of the nipper body can be adjusted to 180-degree so that the position of the two air intake ports can be changed depending on the mounting place.

    These can be customized for blade aperture adjustment or single stationary blade specifications.

    * The blade opening of GT-NS20H-1 is adjustable....
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  • GT-NW Series
    Vessel stationary nippers GT-NW series:

    Applicable Blade Specifications

    * NW1BJ (For GT-NWS1)- Blade opening:3.5mm Cutting blade effective length:10.5mm A:20mm Weight:16g

    * NW10AJ/NW10BJ (For GT-NWR10/NWS10)- Blade opening:5.0mm Cutting blade effective length:14mm A:30mm Weight:76g

    * NW20AJ/NW20BJ (For GT-NWR20/NWS20)- Blade opening:8.0mm Cutting blade effective length:21.5mm A:40mm Weight:142g

    * NW20BA (For GT-NWR20/NWS20)- Blade opening:8.0mm Cutting blade effective length:21.5mm A:35mm Weight:142g

    * NW30AJ/NW30BJ (For GT-NWR30/NWS30)- Blade opening:11.0mm Cutting blade effective length:29.5mm A:55mm Weight:368g...
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  • Intensifiers (Pressure Booster)
    Intensifiers are used as a supplement to provide low supply air pressure. They can be used with the 10L, 20, 30 and 50 sizes of Vessel Air Nippers.

    ♦ Ideal for facilities with low air pressure.

    ♦ Use to increase the applied force of a standard nipper.

    ♦ For use on N (hand-held)...
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  • Stationary Nipper Spare Parts
    DAS Services Inc. offers you a wide range of Vessel Stationary Nipper Spare Parts including mounting pin assemblies for N, NS and NR nipper series, return assemblies for N/NR nippers and throttle assemblies(both upper and lower throttle) for N nipper series.

    These spare parts include blade mounting and blade springs both.

    Call us for more details on Vessel Spare parts and other accesories....
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