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EPA Mats

Vessel's Conductive rubber EPA mats are great for workbenches or storage shelves that require anti-static measures for semiconductors or electronic equipment.  These EPA working mats have conductivity rating of 10MO to 10GO.

Brand: Vessel Model: EPC-30
3 Meter Grounding ..
Ex Tax:$10.41
Brand: Vessel Model: EPG-01
Mat Connecting Gel..
Ex Tax:$11.70
Brand: Vessel Model: EPG-02
Mat Connecting Gel..
Ex Tax:$8.19
Brand: Vessel Model: EPS-GT2
Wrist Strap Ground..
Ex Tax:$48.22
Brand: Vessel Model: LG-100
Conductive Rubber ..
Ex Tax:$387.50
Brand: Vessel Model: SG-100
Conductive Rubber ..
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