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Brass Compression

By using special brass in the main metal body, this product line has achieved the high resistant performance against water. Best suitable for Auto Industry and Thermal Control for mold tooling.

  • Special Metal Brass for metallic body. Improved resistance to water. Suitable for Automobile Industry and Molding Die Temperature Control
  • No sleeve required. No need to Worry about forgetting or losing sleeve
  • Wide Variations of products for various applications


Fluid Admitted: Air, Water, Other (Conditional)
Remarks: When using water and other liquids, limit the level of surge pressure to the maximum operating pressure or less
Service Pressure Range at 20ÂșC: Depending on Max. operating pressure of tube used
Service Temperature Range: Depending on Max. operating pressure of tube used
Working Vacuum: -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)

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