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End of Arm Tooling
Vessel End of Arm Tooling components are optimal for mounting needs at almost all locations and angles. Vessel EOAT are suitable for nippers, grippers, cylinders, vacuum cups etc.

These components have anodized finish, optimal for fully automated operations, have linear bearing design and double action sliding. Vessel End of Arm Tooling components include mounting plates, linear sliding brackets, spring loaded brackets, clamp posts, mounting shafts and angle blocks.
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  • Air Components
    Vessel Air Components come in various styles i.e elbow, straight fit and Tee.

    Hose styles include coiled, nylon and kink resistant polyurethane....
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  • Anti Static
    Vessel Anti Static Solutions for eliminating static. Choose from a wide variety of products brought to you by Das Services Inc, a leading supplier for Vessel brand products.
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  • Anti-Tie Down Controls
    Vessel Anti-Tie Down Controls are used for increased control reliability and optimal operation of two hand control devices.They can be used to control presses, degating fixtures, nippers, and cylinders.


    ♦ Provides a maintained output signal when both buttons are pressed within 0.3 seconds and held.

    ♦ Compact design with recessed push buttons

    ♦ Light actuation pressure (5 oz)

    ♦ 1/4inch push lock fittings, 5/32inch (4mm) optional

    ♦ Rounded edges, no sharp corners or edges

    ♦ Quick and simple installation...
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  • EOAT Components
    Vessel mounting components include:

    -Mounting clamps: includes MC-NR full mounting clamp series and PMC-NR partial mounting clamp series.

    -Mounting plates: available for GT_NS, GT_NT,GT-NY and GR grippers.

    -Mounting posts: includes clamp posts, mounting shafts and angle clamp posts.

    -Mounting block: includes right angle mounting block, universal mounting block and straight angle mounting block.

    -Mounting bracket: includes mounting block and right angle mounting block.

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  • Linear Slide Brackets
    Vessel Linear Slide Brackets can add the versatility of a sliding nipper to the GT-NR Series round nippers or TC-40 series thrust cut nippers . Using an optional MC mounting clamp to attach a round nipper, the nipper can be rotated to match virtually any angle on the part to be degated.


    ♦ Linear bearing design

    ♦ Mounting plate for GT-NS nippers

    ♦ High quality components

    ♦ Gold anodized finish...
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  • NST Nipper Stand
    The NST series Air Nipper Stands offer 105 Degrees of positioning flexibility. These units are ideal for quick and convenient fixturing for those difficult angle applications. The NST was also designed to be used for benchtop and in-line process applications. Two sizes are available to accommodate the GT-NR20 and GT-NR30 nippers.


    ♦ 105 Degrees of angling flexibility

    ♦ Rigid and lightweight construction

    ♦ Anodized aluminum plates

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  • Universal Mountings
    Vessel Universal Mountings feature a "T" slot extrusion, a joining plate with 4 holes and end cap assembly parts....
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