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Convum Push-in Connectors, Speed Controllers & Tubes

Our New Convum Touch Connector is made up of only six important parts. It's unique and newly designed with a durable lock ring that assures a tight tube connection and smooth insertion. The tube can be inserted with minimum force, and has high airtight reliability. It's also made of flame-resistant resin material PA and F/G which ensures the highest quality standards on the market.

We are here to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for businesses and spaces - both big and small. Are you looking for something that will work in a small area? Convum Speed Connectors have a compact and light body design for use in confined spaces, and are capable of precisely controlling a wide range of airflows. Need push-in connectors or speed controllers in bulk? We have solutions for that too.

What's holding you back? Let us help you find the right Convum Push-in Connectors, Speed Controllers and Tubes that will certainly meet your requirements.

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