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Vacuum Accessories
  • Fall Prevention Valve

    Vacuum retention valve for multiple pads on a single vacuum generator.

    • Minimize the pressure drop of other circuit when a workpiece falls down
    • Even if some vacuum pads are not operated, active vacuum pads can normally work, because the vacuum drop is reduced


    Fluid Medium: Air
    Min. cracking pressure: -2.0in. Hg (-7kPa)
    Min. working suction flow: M3-M3: 0.07SCFM (2L/min(ANR)) M4-M4, M5-M5:0.18SCFM (5L/min(ANR)) M6-M6, 01-01: 0.46SCFM (13L/min(ANR))
    Operating Pressure Range: Positive Pressure: 0~102psi (0~0.7MPa), Negative Pressure: 0~-29.5in.Hg (0~-100kPa)
    Operating Temperature Range: 32~140°F (0~60°C)

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  • Suction Cup Orifice Adapter

    Our Vacuum Cup Orifice Adapters are the low cost solution to preventing workpieces from dropping during transfer and for minimizing vacuum loss. The orifice adapter is ideal for use in cases where suction cups fail to pick up a workpiece. The use of a single orifice adapter reduces vacuum loss and ensures the other cups in the line securely hold workpieces. Our Suction Cup Orifice Adapters are designed for use with Pisco suction cups only.

    • Simplified Fall Prevention Function in Vacuum System
    • Minimize Vacuum Loss
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  • Swivel Joint

    This holder is suited for cases when the part is not placed perpendicularly toward the pad or when the angular relationship between the pad and parts varies.

    • Suitable for sucking work-pieces with non-vertical position or with unfixed angle
    • Standard: 30 degree angle
    • Order production: 15 degree angle


    Type test: FH
    Fluid Admitted: Vacuum
    Free Angle: 15 or 30 degree
    Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 0~-29 in.Hg (0~-100 kPa)

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  • Vacuum Release Unit

    This unit adjusts the vacuum release air retaining vacuum generators' vacuum characteristics as they are.

    • Add-on Blow off Controller is for vacuum generators with vacuum blow-off function and controls blow-off air while maintaining characteristics of vacuum generators.
    • Newly added pressure control function prevents work-pieces from being blown off
    • Rotatable body and fitting make it easy to connect or disconnect tube in any direction


    Fluid Medium: Air
    Operating Pressure Range: 0~102psi (0~0.7MPa)
    Operating Temperature Range: 32~140°F / 0~60°C (no freezing)
    Relief valve activation pressure setting range: -2.2~2.2psi (-0.015~0.015MPa)
    Working Vacuum: 0`-29.5in.Hg (0~-101kPa)

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