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SC3 Series

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Medium size smart vacuum ejector unit

Can select the combination flexibly - stage nozzle is available

Holding workpiece at an emergency stop - With self-holding valve, it is possible to keep vacuum and prevent the workpiece from falling.

Air consumption will be reduced - More than 50% of air consumption can be saved with the MPS-10 energy-saving sensor

Releases workpieces quickly and certainly - Mounted with the check valve that can be used to release workpieces without wasting blow-off  air

It is operable with supply pressure 0.25 MPa at the minimum

Multi-stage nozzle available - Multi-stage nozzle can be selected; Compact design, high suction flow

Manufacturer: Convum Model: SC3-T-A
Maintenance Part -..
Ex Tax:$9.01
Manufacturer: Convum Model: SC3S07XZZCFSAT
Medium size smart ..
Ex Tax:$257.40
Manufacturer: Convum Model: SC3S10RZZCFSBR
Medium size smart ..
Ex Tax:$247.50
Manufacturer: Convum Model: SC3S13SV9PCFSAR
Medium size smart ..
Ex Tax:$330.00
Manufacturer: Convum Model: SC3S15SZZCFSBR
Medium size smart ..
Ex Tax:$247.50
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