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Super Slim Nozzle Type Ionizer!

(Only 4.3”L x 1.1”W x 1.1”H)

Very Accurate Ion Balance ± 10V
Super Slim & Compact Design
LED Operating Status & High Voltage Alarm
Daisy-Chain Multiple Units Together
Screw-Type Nozzle for Easy Maintenance
Simple and Easy Mounting

VESSEL’s new Super Slim Nozzle-Type Ionizer (Model# N-1) features an outstanding ionizing performance within an ultra-compact body for easy installation in space-restricted areas. The N-1 is designed to neutralize static charges and for the removal of dust by using the powerful blow of compressed air or nitrogen gas.

The N-1 incorporates an AC Corona discharge method for secure ion balance and a reliable high-frequency piezoelectric transformer that generates ions efficiently for minimizing ion loss.  With a very accurate ion balance within ± 10V, this unit has a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) with quick decay time less than 0.7 seconds (estimated at a distance of 6” using 43.5psi).

The front panel of the unit is equipped with easy to see LED lights for operation status.  A “blue” LED indicates good working condition and a “red” LED signals high voltage error.  For safety, the N-1 unit has an automatic shut off function for against abnormally high voltage and an integrated current dependent fuse protects its circuit board.

The built-in 6-terminal connector enables up to four units to be daisy-chained together by using one 24VDC power source and high voltage warnings can be sent to external equipment.

The “screw-type” nozzle construction allows for easy maintenance.  The stainless steel electrode needle (#N-1H) is protected inside the nozzle and can quickly be cleaned or replaced by using the optional removal hand tool (#G-7DR).

Ideal for various applications such as for the elimination of fluid spills in filling lines, mounting onto chuck panels (EOAT), prevention of part feeder blockages, to clean surfaces before a coating process such as painting, before applying labels or ink, printing, ect.

Weighs only 0.14 lbs with standard nozzle.

N-1 Ionizer, Standard Nozzle, User's Manual

Very Compact / Low Profile Design (Only 4.3” Long, 1.1” Wide, 1.1” High). Compact, lightweight plastic body
LED Indicator Detects Operating Status - Part of top cover glows “blue” during operation and “red” when stopped due to a malfunction.
Safety Design for H.V. Malfunction - Stops automatically in the event of a high-voltage malfunction. Device includes an alarm output terminal.
Very Accurate Ion Balance ± 10V (6” from surface, 43.5psi, w/standard nozzle)
"Daisy-Chain" Multiple Units - Using one 24V power source, the power and H.V. alarms on multiple units can be output and linked together
Easy Maintenance / Screw-Type Nozzle - Electrode needles can be easily cleaned and replaced by operator using electrode needle removal tool (G-7DR)
CE / RoHS Approved - Designed and manufactured in compliance with EU standards, all tests are carried out in compliance with the principles of the EMC Directive

Ion Generation Method: Piezo high-frequency AC Corona discharge
Applied Voltage: 5.0kVAC (p-p)
Input Voltage: 24VDC ±5% ripple (p-p) 10% or less
Power Consumption: 100mA
Applied Source: Clean Air or Nitrogen Gas: 14.5~87psi
Ozone Generation: 0.05ppm or less (measured at 2" from device at 29psi)
Working Temp. Range / Working Humidity Range: 32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing or freezing)
Weight: 0.14 lb (62g) with standard nozzle
Ion Balance: Within ±10V (with standard nozzle, measured 6" from device, at 43.5psi)
Materials: Body & Nozzle: Flame-retardant ABS Resin; Needle Pole Electrode: Stainless Steel

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