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4.5 Dial Size, 30" Hg-0-30 psi Range, 10/5 Fig. (PSI), 1/0.5 Div. (PSI). Miljoco Model P4520L Process Gauge is furnished in a solid-front, turret-style case, molded in hi-impact polypropylene, which is ideally suited for corrosive and difficult environments. The solid-front construction provides added protection for safety considerations and the lens is sealed for weather-proof operation. CAUTION: A coil syphon must be installed on the connection when used on steam applications.


CASE: Fiberglass-reinforced black polypropylene.
RING: Fiberglass-reinforced black polypropylene.
LENS: Acrylic.
DIAL: Aluminum, white finished with black markings.
POINTER: Aluminum, black, micro-adjustable.
MOVEMENT: Stainless steel, rotary type.
TUBE & SOCKET: Stainless steel.
CONNECTION: 1/4 NPT bottom outlet, 1/2 NPT optional.
ACCURACY: 1/2% Full Scale (ASME B40.100 Grade 2A).
PROCESS TEMPERATURE: -40 to 250 degrees F (-40 to
120 degrees C).
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to
60 degrees C).

Miljoco P4520L003

4.5 Dial Size, 30" Hg-0-30 psi Range, 10/5 Fig. (PSI), 1/0.5 Div. (PSI). M...

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