One of the greatest fears of anyone who owns or operates a factory or assembly line is the prospect of a shutdown. The oft-repeated phrase "time is money" is certainly appropriate in this context, and any time that an assembly line spends inactive is time where it could have been producing products to be sold for a profit. Thus, indirectly, downtime results in a loss of profits. There are a great many different things that can result in downtime, and it is impossible for you to address all of them, but it is definitely possible for you to take precautions that should eliminate a significant amount of possible downtime. One of the best ways is to use only reliable and trustworthy equipment, such as Pneumadyne pneumatic components and Convum vacuum pads, which have proven track records.

Some of the most common causes of factory shutdowns are things that could easily have been prevented with a few simple precautions. These include jams, leaks and malfunctions.

Jams are among the most common problems in factories that make use of pneumatic equipment. The nature of pneumatic equipment, using compressed air to power machinery and valves to control the flow that air, makes the entire system susceptible to the effects of dirt and dust buildup. In order to prevent the infiltration of such particles into the system, a good system design will include filters and airtight seals at every possible juncture.

A certain amount of wear and tear is inevitable, however, as the machinery moves and operates. This causes the production of fine dust and it is also impossible to entirely eliminate all dust particles contained in the air that is channeled into the air compressors and then into the system. It is therefore important that regular maintenance, including checks and cleaning, is carried out. This will prevent the buildup of particle deposits and keep your system running smoothly, instead of being subject to constant jams and shutdowns that some simple maintenance could have prevented.

Leaks are a much more serious problem, because they can indicate fissures in the structural integrity of your system. While most leaks are actually relatively harmless, and are simply seals that have not been properly installed or faulty valves, sometimes metal pipes and other supposedly solid parts can crack under the high pressure of a pneumatic system. When such cracks appear, air can begin to leak, but this is merely a precursor to a more catastrophic failure. It is not unknown for such cracks to result in metal pipes exploding or equipment shattering as the cracks widened and eventually split open. Spotting and identifying leaks of this sort requires close attention to the air pressure gauges and also regular detailed physical inspections of your system.

Equipment Quality
Finally, the quality of the equipment and components that you use plays a key role in determining just how reliable your system is. Inferior equipment and components invariably break down and result in large losses, so it definitely pays to purchase quality products such as Pneumadyne pneumatic components and Convum vacuum pads to ensure that your system runs smoothly and with as little trouble as possible.

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