Three types of vacuum grippers integrated with high flow vacuum generators are offered for lifting large, heavy, different sized, objects, porous materials and objects with irregular and rough surfaces such as sacks, garden tiles, cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped bottles, etc.

Features at a glance:

  • End-of-arm tooling for large objects
  • Grips irregular and rough surfaces
  • Three types of vacuum grippers offered to handle various types of work pieces
  • Foam rubber gripper with large flow vacuum generator integrated is intended for robotic end effectors with P.C.D. 40, P.C.D. 56, P.C.D. 80
  • Multi-stage venturi generates suction flow 26.8 cfm (760L/min) which enables to lift breathable or crumpled objects.

Rectangular Ring Lifter VRG:

  • Elastic yield of foam rubber grips irregular/rough surfaces (2 foam materials/3 types of thickness)
  • Suitable for handling handle sacks, bags, shrink-wrapped bottles, corrugated sheets/boxes etc
  • Foam rubber with the frame can be replaced
  • Custom foam rubber sizes available

General purpose lifter VMG:

  • Using cup mounting screws with orifice enables minimizing vacuum leakage and lifting objects
  • Four types of plates provided, 2 kinds of sealing foams, 3-low bellows cups and 7-lows bellows cups. Can be replaced depending on your applications

      Sealing Foam Pad Lifter:

  • Suitable for objects with rough surfaces such as Wooden boards, Exterior walls
  • Easy replacement of sealing foam pad - just replace plate with sealing foam pad

      Bellows Cups Lifter 

  • Suitable for box carton, bags and workpieces with varied dimensions and heights
  • Other bellows cups and suction cups can also be installed