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3-Way Normally Closed Stainless Steel Valves

Push Button (Stainless Steel 3-Way Valves) Pneumadyne manufactures two styles of stainless steel 3-way control valves to accommodate application requirements. The fully ported design features a 10-32 (F) exhaust port to capture and remove exhaust flow from liquid, cleanroom or lubricated air applications. Features:
Durable nylon or metal push button actuators
Compact size is ideal for limited space applications
Suitable for use with vacuum to 26" Hg
303 Stainless Steel valve body
10-32 (F) ports
Nuts and lockwasher provided for panel mounting

Pneumadyne C032205

Push Button (Stainless Steel 3-Way Valves). . Pneumadyne manufactures two st...

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