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  • Part #: A11-21-47(discontinued)

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1/8 NPT F Input Port, 2-Way Valves (2-Way Normally Open Control Valves)

Push Button (1/8 NPT (F) Input, 2-Way Valves, Normally Open) To fit application requirements, Pneumadyne manufactures two configurations of 2-way normally open valves with 1/8 NPT (F) input ports. The
Series, part number A0-21-4, features a swivel input port for valve alignment purposes and a 10-32 (F) output port. Our
Series valves, part numbers starting with A11, feature a swivel output port. Push-in connections are also available to speed tubing installation. Features:
Durable nylon push button actuators
Swivel ports accommodate alignment requirements
Black anodized valve bodies for corrosion and wear resistance
Poppet design contributes to long product life
Miniature size
Nuts and lockwasher provided

Pneumadyne A11-21-47

Push Button (1/8 NPT (F) Input, 2-Way Valves, Normally Open). To fit applica...

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