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Hand (Shut-off) Valves

The three-directional control valve, when closed, discharges the residual pressure from the output side (device). The two-directional control valve does not have an air discharge mechanism.

  • The Hand valve (shut-off valve) turns on and off air pressure to a pneumatic device or a circuit
  • The three way, pressure relief type isolates the supplied air pressure and exhausts the downstream pressure for maintenance purpose while the two way type holds the downstream pressure
  • 4 types are available to fit the application requirement


Fluid Admitted: Air, Vacuum
Service Pressure Range at 20ºC: 0~150 psi (0~1MPa)
Service Temperature Range: 32~140ºF (0~60ºC)
Working Vacuum: -29.5in.Hg (-100kPa)


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