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4.5 Dial Size, 0-1000 ps Range, 100 Fig. (PSI), 10 Div. (PSI). The Miljoco P4598L Contractor's Gauge is attractively priced and meets or exceeds the industry accepted standard for the commercial HVAC and building trades.
This instrument features a stainless steel case and ring, and uses high-temperature solder joints on the tube and socket, allowing it to be used on process fluids up to
200 degrees F. It is well-suited for service on air, water, glycol solutions, and gas. CAUTION: A coil syphon must be installed on the connection when used on steam applications.


CASE: Brightly finished stainless steel.
RING: Stainless steel.
LENS: Acrylic.
DIAL: Aluminum, white finished with black markings.
POINTER: Aluminum, black, adjustable.
MOVEMENT: Brass with precision-milled teeth.
TUBE & SOCKET: Phosphor-bronze tube, brass socket.
CONNECTION: 1/4 NPT bottom outlet.
ACCURACY: 1% Full Scale (ASME B40.100 Grade 1A).
PROCESS TEMPERATURE: -40 to 200 degrees F (-40 to 93 degrees C).
AMBIENT TEMPERATURE: -40 to 140 degrees F (-40 to 60 degrees C).

Miljoco P4598LX11

4.5 Dial Size, 0-1000 ps Range, 100 Fig. (PSI), 10 Div. (PSI). The Miljoco ...

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