End of Arm Tooling, or the end effector, is the core of the robot tool, in which the robot component communicates with the environment at the end of a robotic arm. The end-of-arms tools are a key robot component and differ from one application to another. Although it is also one of the most challenging aspects of automation to pick the End of Arm Tooling parts, it is also simple if users' needs are clear and understandable.

The key aspect of the End of Arm Tooling selection, however, is the source of power.

Sources of Power

The key stage in selecting a power supply is selecting an electrically, hydraulically, or pneumatically driven EOAT.

In the packaging industry, the weight to strength ratio of pneumatic power sources more often than not is used. They are easy to access and able to use powerful powers at high speeds. Pneumatic sources of power can effectively produce simultaneous force and motion. It has no power or versatility that are the only downside pneumatic energy sources have.

Strong clamping forces are produced and fast-acting hydraulic end of arm tooling power sources. Hydraulic EOAT needs massive compressors to run the fluid inside it, which is why the cost is high.

For applications needing moderate force at high speed, electronic sources of energy are used. It is considered the cleanest power source because it provides a wider range of controls suitable for handling goods susceptible to dust.

Classifications of End of Arm Tooling:

The next thing you have to determine which system is the perfect EOAT or end effector for a specific application after choosing an electricity source. Certain options include:

Adaptive Grippers: Adaptive grippers are primarily used for packaging and managing consumer items because they can automatically adapt to the product type. They are also suitable for handling parts with holes because vacuum grippers cannot easily handle them.

Parallel End Effectors: Parallel EOATs are suitable for well-defined object applications such as boxes.

Vacuum End Effectors: Vacuum EOATs are End of Arm Tools, which is the most cost-effective and the most common type. These are better suited to handling light-touch items. Vacuum grippers are not only versatile; they are much tougher than they look, they can also adapt to achieve the desired strength.