You stroll casually towards a supermarket or a store and the doorway senses your approach and opens up for you. A closing elevator door opens up as you rush hastily to catch it. The water-flow in a wash basin stops as soon as you move your hands away from it. A hand drier gets switched on automatically when you hold your hands under its vent. Ever wondered how all this equipment works? In terms of technology there are a lot of things we take for granted. This, due to conditioning and also due to the fact that though technology is very closely woven into our lives, we do not go into the mechanics of it.

And so is the case with Crouzet optical sensors and Convum vacuum pads. These highly advanced optical sensors are used in various fields and offer safe and convenient operation in many industrial and non-industrial applications. Optical sensors are used very effectively in assembly lines and other manufacturing units. A small example is a bottle filling unit. How does the equipment know exactly when the bottle has been filled to the top? That's simply thanks to the optical sensor that is attached to it. There is a lot of equipment that is very advance and "smart" but it Crouzet optical sensors act like the "eyes" of this equipment and add the sense of sight to it. This is a very impacting technological advancement and is used in an unimaginable number of applications.

Like optical sensors vacuum pads are another ingenious invention that have changed the way industries work. These pneumatic cups work when the enclosed air is used in creating a pressure difference between the air that exists inside the cup and the surrounding air. When the volume of air in the closed space is put under pressure it creates a vacuum effect and holds the cup to the work piece or surface that it is attached to. When pneumatics is added to a passive vacuum function such as this one it creates an active vacuum action and can be very powerful. Pneumatic vacuum pads are used very effectively in the manufacturing industry.

They provide a quick, safe and easy method of picking/lifting, moving and placing very large and heavy objects which otherwise would have been more difficult to move manually. By no means is this its only use. They can also be used in the manufacture of customized suction lifters for electronic equipment. Objects such as compact discs and miniature electronic components can be lifted, inspected placed and packed very efficiently and quickly. Convum vacuum pads are very useful in industries that need objects lifted out of a mold or a casing like cast equipment. Vacuum cups are widely used in the glass manufacturing industry as well.

Glass sheets can be lifted very carefully and deftly without either distorting their surface, or dropping it. And how does all this innovation in industries benefit us? Very simply, since manufacturing costs are greatly reduced, it the consumer stands to benefit as well. After all, technology is a human creation and everything that it is used for must benefit the human race.

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DAS services Inc sells pneumatic equipment such as Convum vacuum pads and Crouzet optical sensors. These equipment have added an edge to many industries and manufacturing operations.