Installing a variety of components in a pneumatic circuit can be a rather time consuming job. Running various tube lengths and connecting numerous fittings also results in the potential for leak-points within the system. Pneumadyne's System 11 is an ideal method of consolidating 2 to 10 components with a common pressure source; easing installation and eliminating leak-points.

System 11 Features:

  • 2 to 10-station manifolds provide a convenient junction point for the distribution of fluids or gases.
  • Components available for use with the System 11 manifolds include Pneumadyne's "11" Series Pressure Regulators, Control Valves & Needle Valves.
  • All components feature swivel output porting for alignment convenience. Please note that the swivel may be limited by neighboring components.
  • The System 11 Assembly can be panel or surface mounted to accommodate application requirements.
  • Precision manufacturing ensures consistent valve centers.
  • All System 11 Assemblies are designed & assembled per order. Just let us know which components you need and the order in which you'd like them installed in the manifold.