When reviewing an application for the purpose of developing or improving a customer's pneumatic circuit, Pneumadyne engineers are often able to consolidate components into a manifold system or valve block. This method of circuit design provides our customers with several unforeseen benefits:

  • Consolidating pneumatic components into a valve block or manifold system eases circuit installation. The time required to plumb the assembly in the application is reduced, saving both time and money.
  • Component integration eliminates potential leak-points, thereby, adding reliability in the circuit. Numerous cut lengths of tubing are no longer required to connect a variety of components.
  • Manifolds and valve blocks improve the overall appearance of the circuit. Runs of tubing to multiple components throughout the application are no longer needed resulting in a cleaner looking, more organized circuit.
  • The elimination of several fittings and valves reduces the space rquirements of the circuit. With miniaturization being a goal throughout many industries, minimizing the size of the pneumatic circuitry accommodates the space limitations of many of today's applications.
  • Integration through good design also reduces the number of components purchased and held in inventory.