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  • Part #: SGB-CR-20

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- Suitable for handling a wide range of workpiece shapes and sizes.

- Allows handling of uneven, heavy, porous and other workpieces by one hand.

- Easy operation with built-in Convum Vacuum Ejector to supply compressed air.

- Compressed Air generating Vacuum through the Convum Vacuum Generator (Ejector) is exhausted into the Balloon Hand, inflating it, and enabling the Balloon Hand to hold the workpiece firmly.

- Exhausted Air goes into the rubber film and inflates like a balloon.

- By using the exhausted Air of the Convum Vacuum Generator in this way, no Air is wasted.

Specifications :

Rubber film inner diameter: 20

Fluid: Oil-free compressed air

Operating ambient temperature: 0 to -50 degrees Centigrade (without frozen)

Operating pressure range: 0.1 to 0.4 MPa

Vacuum performance (Rated pressure): 0.35 Mpa

Vacuum performance (Nozzle diameter): 0.5 m

Vacuum performance (Vacuum pressure): -87 kPa

Vacuum performance (Air consumption): 15 L/min

Exhaust air sound volume: 65 dB

Mass (Band): 160

Mass (Rubber film only): 10 g

Relief valve pressure: 3 kPa

Dimension for mounting parts: P.C.D20 (M4) Recommended torque : 1.5N m

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