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  • Part #: F4C-100-SR(discontinued)

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10-32 F Ports, 4-Way Valves

Momentary Toggle (10-32 F, 4-Way Valves) Pneumadyne's 4-way valves are available in two styles to accommodate application and plumbing requirements. Our "4" Series valves, part numbers F4C-100-SR & F4N-100-SR, are 3-Port 2-Position (3/2) valves with 10-32 (F) input and output ports and non-threaded exhaust ports. The heavy duty toggle is ideal for use in rugged applications. The "45" Series valve, part number FP45-100-SR, is a 5-Port 2-Position (5/2) with 10-32 (F) exhaust ports to capture and remove exhaust flow from the application. Features:
Durable momentary toggles
Black anodized and electroless nickel plated for corrosion resistance
4-Way 2-Position function
Surface or panel mount
Nuts (2) and lockwasher provided

Pneumadyne F4C-100-SR

Momentary Toggle (10-32 F, 4-Way Valves). . Pneumadyne's 4-way valves are av...

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