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  • Part #: H11-21-44(discontinued)

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1/8 NPT F Input Port, 2-Way Valves (2-Way Normally Open Control Valves)

Detented Toggle (1/8 NPT (F) Input, 2-Way Valves, Normally Open) 2-way normally open valves are available in two styles to fit application requirements. Pneumadyne
s highly reliable
Series valve, H0-21-4, features a swivel input port to accommodate alignment requirements and 10-32 (F) output port. The
Series, part numbers begin with H11, features a swivel output port for installation convenience. Push-in output ports also allow for rapid tubing connection and disconnection. Features:
Anodized for corrosion resistance
Swivel ports are ideal for valve alignment
Push-to-connecto ports speed tubing installation
Durable nylon toggles
Poppet design contributes to long product life
Lockwasher and nuts provided for panel mounting

Pneumadyne H11-21-44

Detented Toggle (1/8 NPT (F) Input, 2-Way Valves, Normally Open). . 2-way no...

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