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TC Series Thrust Cut / Guillotine Type Fan Gate Nippers

JDV's Thrust Cut Nippers are the ideal tool for cutting wide fan gates.These nippers are designed to withstand the demands of high volume production environments.

The TC-63 nippers are capable of cutting fan gates as wide as 3 inches, while the TC-40 nippers can cut gates as wide as 1-1/2 inches. An optional heat package allows the degating of hard plastics without any stress cracks or chipping.

Why should you use a Thrust Cut Nipper?

No more using expensive, long nipper blades to cut fan gates
Prevents fractures and discoloring of parts
Longer blade life than traditional nippers!
Very cost effective... replacement blade is very inexpensive
Optional ""heating package"" that can be added for future applications
Optional linear slide provides 45mm of travel approach to the gate (TC-40 models only)

TC Series Thrust Cut / Guillotine Type Fan Gate Nippers

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