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Why Today's Air Valves Are More Versatile Than Ever

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To understand why today's air valves are more versatile than ever, you need to first understand the importance and working of air valves.

Pneumatic systems rely majorly on their pneumatic valves for operations like blowing air for different purposes like, during packaging, moulding bottles, etc.

Pneumatic control valves are also important to exhaust compressed air from the pneumatic system. This allows the system to release pressure and maintain a safe working environment.

Today's pneumatic valves are electrically triggered and majorly depends on actuators and sensors to get a signal to operate. The reason they depend on actuators is that the timing of the air blow or exhaust of air is very crucial to get accurate end product and for the proper working of the system.

Valves Block

The modern pneumatic valves used in moulding come in a block of three or four. These are used for: pre-blow, blow, exhaust and air-recycling. These are electrically triggered and operated by actuators, as mentioned earlier, which makes their timing and mode of operation perfect. This perfection has been achieved by modern valves, which was either lacking or not giving the desired output.

The pneumatic valve blocks are fixed as close to the cavities as mechanically possible to avoid "dead air" from entering the pneumatic system.

Lightweight Pistons

Modern valves contain piston which is made from PET or other durable plastic, this makes the piston light and hence allow switching in milliseconds. This is one of the secrets of faster machines we see today.

One more versatile feature of modern pneumatic control valves is a manifold system.

Manifold Valves

Manifold-valve technology plays a major role in increasing the efficiency of pneumatic systems. Like in the packaging industry. It allows the industrialists to use a clean, effective and cost-saving method of using a pneumatic system.

A recent development in this technology allows easier connection of valves to integrate with bus technologies like a field bus for better hierarchical operation.

Manifold-valve technology allows the pneumatic system to take air pressure from only one source needed for different components, and it is the valve system which controls the distribution of it to different components.


In the era of information and technology, automation has rapidly evolved. With evolved automation, its components have become advanced too.

A pneumatic control valve is one of the main automation components of a pneumatic system which has seen a lot of advancements since the invention of the compressor.

In the above content, we explained the reason why today's air valves are more versatile than ever, we hope it helped you answer your question.